How To Register Blog On Search Engine

Blog  - Many of our efforts to popularize or promote our blogs include frequent visits to the blogs of others and Blog Walking or frequent comment in the shoutbox and leave a message by filling in the data with a link to our blog (how to create a Shoutbox). 

But if you want more effective way is to register our blog to search engines. For example in Google, Yahoo, MSN and masik many local and Long Distance. Well if you do not register where you may be registered as a member Search engine is then you must register with the owner of the Search Engine.

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So I'll share a little knowledge on how to register your blog to search engines, here's how to using it:.

 How To Register Blog On Search Engine

How To Register Blog On Search Engine
 How To Register Blog On Search Engine

* Register Site to Search engine Google

Google is the most popular search engines so sign up on google is mandatory to popularize your blog. This is the link to sign up for google search engine How to register in google it's easy like turning hand to stay the content of your blog URL then coment related content on your blog and content codes verifed then press the button Add URL okay dech!!!

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* Register Site to Yahoo

Um ... yahoo! well-known search engines are widely used by people who lo ... register hence also on Yahoo.

This address to the list Yahoo! https: // / submit. Sign in Yahoo but no specific requirements that already have accounts at Yahoo! if not have expected to register first.

If you already have please Log In and you will add Form that you need to fill the website and Sumbit Submit Site Feed. Sumbit Website content just with the URL of your blog for example have I, Submit Site Feed Just fill in your feed address or you can add to the atom.xml example http://templates-seo.blogspot. com / atom.xml

* Sign In MSN

Sign in MSN also just like in google easily live content provided Form and Submit URL. This is address for Sign On MSN

* Register Using Web Submitter

Web Submitter helps us to register at the same time many in the search engines can be 40 to 50 search engines at once. What you want to try ... time consuming because it is not true I love you ni do not know.

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